Ho l’impeto di strapparmi l’occhio dall’orbita per non più vedere. […] Il letto oscilla, sbanda, e poi precipita. Un deserto di sasso, sgretolato e forato, viene precipitosamente incontro al mio occhio che non si chiude. […] L’occhio è senza fuochi. Solo, di tratto in tratto, si forma l’anello fluttuante che galleggia e dilegua a occidente.

G. D’Annunzio, da “Notturno”, 1921


| to evolve, inhabit the divide, every day, signal |

| strife, drying, cracking, now violating neurons |

| working faster, sure, don’t know, some water |

| experiments, inflating one packet, diluted |

| powders, always in a generous amount of |

| failure, tear, corrosion, delay your climax, |

| despair supplements, meaning to be decomposed |

| from concentrate, human, protein assumption, |

| reduction in weight, immerging yourself |

| in the harvest, and to regenerate, precious |

| sense of, excess fluid, draining, that purified |

| this sense of, mechanisms to increase impulses |

| reducing tissues, fixing them, clearly promoting |

| sorrow, the only way to avoid advertising |

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| metabolic bias, parasites within starving to be taken |

| the overly exerted stimulation of being, continence |

| now widely recognized as science, does not replace |

| this sense of hunger, loud and clear, detoxifying |

| to improve circulation, ask customers if they like |

| a sense of fullness, disorders, many dragonflies |

| probably oxidizing, continuously balancing between |

| sensing identity, drawing banknotes on the walls |

| while reaching your reward, right in front of you, |

| making sense, artificial colours, endless shelves, |

| profile is what you really need, slightly reducted |

| if sense is, definitely, related with problems to fix, |

| something nice and friendly, offering an adjustment |

| exact, miserable knowledge, target to be applied |

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| everything has been criticized, find refreshment |

| in a fraud, abuse to stay extraordinary, your nails, |

| in denial we trust, not the weakest part in how much |

| money did you spend today, concerning humans, |

| sinking almost entirely, profit, a margin, pression |

| no jokes, only an educational game, in spite of |

| health damage, heavy doses, lead in suspicious cans |

| removing packages, different tools of engagement, |

| why join, lie, exterminate, repression, diet coke, |

| yuppies, stand tall, minute vertebrates, according to |

| a relaxed, near empty volume, a distensible organ |

| to be finally operated, failing, observing standards |

| because we care, banned everywhere, the relative |

| position of our hands moving inside your stomach |

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| need to take care of, so simple, recognizing some |

| people still lighting up, getting help to quit, stand |

| for, to make money in, a deep breath, slaughter, |

| a non-native segment of dna, return, sacrifice, |

| knowing what to do, be eccentric, incompetent, |

| your intelligence incorporated, others, swearing, |

| a pure sequence, mobile genetic elements, stress |

| in the access, make them widely accessible, sin, |

| some smoke, resurrection, keep it legal, pleasure |

| and infinite crops, transparent, fixity, flux, then |

| unlucky business decisions, bad signal, gunshot |

| wounds, shock, last hours, cement, the grain, a real |

| phase of euphoria, never done this before, exist, |

| strike, again, a face, one sound, no innocence. |

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